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Thread: Dinosaur ads...

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    Exclamation Dinosaur ads...

    I don't know if anyone else has these, but on some of these pages on MiceChat, (most often the New Posts page,) I've been getting an ad (in the upper right corner) for Walking With Dinosaurs [at Madison Square Garden.] I don't know if this is a regional thing or not.

    My problem with it is that it emits a startling, snarling noise, (as if from a dinosaur.) It kind of freaks me out. I just heard it as I was inhaling through my nose and I thought I had some sort of nose problem. And last night I was up late, posting, and I jumped when I heard a dinosaur in my computer...

    I just wanted to know if anybody else has problems with these ads and if MiceChat has any powers over what ads show up on the site. If there's nothing you can do, feel free to disregard this post.
    -Hale (wumbology)

    a.k.a. h2mc, omnimover.mousetalgia, omnimover, wumbology, hogbackmtn, hhmcsharry, Hale M., h2m, h2mc

    (I've never visited Disneyland Resort, Tokyo Disney Resort, Disneyland Resort Paris, nor Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, so don't be fooled when I pretend to know what I'm talking about. [But I'm pretty good with the information, if I do say so myself. And you can hit me all you want with Walt Disney World.])

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    Re: Dinosaur ads...

    Haha, sorry but that made me laugh.... I'm pretty sure MiceChat has no control over the ads, it's all run by Google. So I'm pretty sure that makes it regional.

    EDIT: What browser do you use? Lots of browsers have ad-blocking plugins floating around.


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    Re: Dinosaur ads...

    As always, we have little control over the Ads. If there's a specific Ad, get the URL, and be sure to use the Contact Us if there is a problem with it. Due to the travel nature of MiceChat, many advertise just to MiceChat readers, and those ads can't be blocked.

    Quote Originally Posted by KAN View Post
    EDIT: What browser do you use? Lots of browsers have ad-blocking plugins floating around.
    Just remember, if you block ads, you are actively HURTING MiceChat. We can barely cover our server bills, and even if you don't think that the advertising is for you, blocking them does hurt us.

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