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    Where is your favorite place to host your photos and why

    I am looking for a photo host site. My upcoming activities include a wedding, two fantastic zoo's to shoot and of course Disney. Here to for I haven't had the need for a online presence for storing photos. But for my nephews wedding, its time to get online so relatives can look without me doing too much work. So Mice Chatters What do you like and use.
    Thanks for looking. Hope to post my whole trip from Portland to San Diego as I do it.

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    Re: Where is your favorite place to host your photos and why

    A lot of people use flikr. I use photobucket for misc. random stuff and for hosting things that aren't that important. But I do most of my online photo storage at smugmug. Its not a free site. I think its around $35 a year but you get unlimited storage, a lot of control over the content in your galleries, the ability to do themes with the galleries, and the ability to share with family and friends or to link online if you want.

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    Re: Where is your favorite place to host your photos and why

    Photobucket for me.

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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