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    Mark this forum read tool doesn't work correctly

    When I use the tool "Mark this forum read", all threads/posts initially are marked as read, as expected. But when I come back later, whether 15 minutes or hours, all the threads that were marked read have reverted to having new posts.

    In a related problem, after I have read the last posts of some threads, the threads will show as read, but when I come back later, they are marked as having new posts, even though there have been no new posts since the last ones I read.

    I don't have any special cookie setup with MiceChat, which is one place the problem could be. It could also be a database problem, where marking threads read is not being properly updated in the database.

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    Re: Mark this forum read tool doesn't work correctly

    You've got a bad cookie. Log out, manually clear cookies, then re-login in. I can see your SessionID isn't resetting each time.
    -Monorail Man

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