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    What determines the lifespan of a thread?

    Hello, this is something I've always noticed...that some threads get locked/closed in a short span of time while others remain opened for years.

    I tried finding a pattern to it all but couldnt.

    So what exactly is the pattern? Is it just that some topics have a time limit on discussion? Do threads get locked after they become idle for too long? Or do they get locked when the discussion becomes controversial or irrellevant?

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    Re: What determines the lifespan of a thread?

    No reply in 30 days locks a thread. Some threads will be locked by our mods, but they usually post a note as to why.
    -Monorail Man

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    Re: What determines the lifespan of a thread?

    1. 30 Days Of No Reply
    2. Discussion Getting Out Of Hand*
    3. Flaming From Members*
    4. Moderators Don't Want People Commenting On Some Of Their Threads

    *Rarely Happens


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