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    This page is poorly designed - A different look at Disney...

    The 14 little scroll boxes on the page are next to useless and make it impossible to get a good overview of each author's work. Please consider finding a better solution, such as collapsible sections that show a specific author when opened while shrinking down the other sections you aren't looking at. If some guidance on what I'm suggesting is needed, I could probably whip up a prototype of what I mean in photoshop. There's also the issue of a language selector and blog buttons inserted randomly into the middle of the content, and the huge empty space next to the Local Temps area. If the person(s) in charge of this are not designers or webmasters by trade, then perhaps responsibility for the layout and design of the page should be moved to someone on the staff who is, or who at least has previous website or graphic design experience or education.
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    Re: This page is poorly designed


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