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Thread: RSS feed issues

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    RSS feed issues

    I hope somebody with micechat reads this. I have been reading the site for a while now and I currently subscribe to Dateline Disneyland and Samland RSS feeds in Google Reader. Sense the beginning of the year, the feeds have not been updating properly. I attempted to raise this issue via the contact us link at the bottom of the site pages, but never heard anything back and the RSS issues have continued.

    As an example, the feed for Dateline Disneyland was only updated on 1/9/12 and 1/29/12
    Samland posts seem to be erratic. 2/1/12 showed up on that day, but previous posts were late. (Today's post hasn't showed up yet)

    When I look at the details for Dateline, Google reader gives the following error: "Last updated:9:09 PM (50 minutes ago) A fetching error was encountered." Samland doesn't give that error.

    If you need any further information, let me know.


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    Re: RSS feed issues

    Has anyone contacted you about this issue? We've been very busy with the One More Disney Day event as well as some other big occurrences around the resort.

    Let me know your status and we will try to find you a solution.

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    Re: RSS feed issues

    rss is not working for me neither.

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    Re: RSS feed issues

    RSS feed in Yahoo (IE) hasn't been working for amost 2 weeks either. I've checked and tried to re-subscribe to several MiceChat feeds and all attempts report that there is "no content in this feed"
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