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    Do We Really Need Another Forum For Carsland Threads?

    Just my opinion, here, but I think we're going to lose a LOT of folks who are going to want to weigh in on Carsland if we shove everyone off into another forum out of the regular Disneyland forum. It may seem more organized, but a first time visitor is going to go to the Disneyland section and, not seeing anything, might just go to another site. It's also a pain to have to go to yet another forum to keep an eye on what is being discussed in the resort as a whole.

    Personally, I'd like ALL of the Disneyland resort content to be in the same area rather than scattered around in different forums. I would think Micechat would be expecting quite a bit of traffic over the next few weeks, and isolating these new comers in a new forum doesn't seem like the best idea, providing that they can even find it. The Disneyland forum is easily the most popular forum, and will probably remain so right through the Carsland opening. If the DCA tracker thread and other DCA related content remain over there, so should Carsland. It's just more confusion to deal with and more of a pain in the butt to have to switch forums to see what is going on.

    Again, just my opinion.

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    Re: Do We Really Need Another Forum For Carsland Threads?

    I think they are just preparing for the onslaught of Cars threads that will be take over MiceChat beginning next week. I don't mind the change because it will be easier to find all the reviews and updates as they come in. They already put up a big button that takes you directly to the new forum so I don't think it will be hard to find for new users.

    Do what I do, just click on the What's New button to see all the new posts without having to go through each separate forum
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    Re: Do We Really Need Another Forum For Carsland Threads?

    I think there will be a slew of duplicate threads in the sections. I think that a lot of new members will post in the Disneyland thread anyway only to be redirected. Mods will be busy. Kind of a pain. I guess we will see soon.

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    Re: Do We Really Need Another Forum For Carsland Threads?

    I think the separate Cars Land forum is a good idea, as it will only be needed temporarily not for ever. So it will probably go away, but it is a good idea to help keep things organized for the June 15th madness.
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    Re: Do We Really Need Another Forum For Carsland Threads?

    I think it's a good idea to keep it separate so that the discussion can be maintained there. After all, this is five years in the making. Plus, people can feel free to browse the forums without the fear of viewing potential spoilers.

    Speaking of spoilers, I notice a few members have pictures of Carsland inside RSR as their avatars here. Is that considered ok since the ride isn't open to the public yet? Just curious what the specifics are for that.
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    Re: Do We Really Need Another Forum For Carsland Threads?

    I think its a good idea, and later on they can just re-merge those topics back into the disneyland section later.

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    Re: Do We Really Need Another Forum For Carsland Threads?

    I never take the Cars Land thread detour. Guess I'm afraid that it might become so crowded that all the vehicles will have to take a smog test.
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