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    Re: Do You Like Miceage's New Look?

    As always, our voices are always listened to. Our opinions do matter. MiceChat is always striving to be the best that it can possibly be.

    The "Look" is just cosmetic. I have found, over the years, that there is a pretty good reason for why things have changed.
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    Re: Do You Like Miceage's New Look?

    Quote Originally Posted by Monorail Man View Post
    Great thread everyone. Thanks for the feedback. Let's explain the re-design, and I'm going to comment inline:

    First of all, the old look was hand coded. Meaning, each night there was a change - one of our editors had to edit the HTML, drop in the changes, and then upload them. This was great many years ago, but now that we are running up to 4 features a day, it's not sustainable from a time-spent perspective.

    While the old format was photogenic, that also means that automated bots (like Google) couldn't pickup on the latest articles for Google News, or index MiceAge properly. For the long-time reader, this isn't an issue. However, we want MiceAge to get out to as many people as possible, so picking up articles long-term is really important to us. On the old look, once an article wasn't new - Google had no way to pick it up, or get an archive of it.

    Since most users browse the forums through "New Posts" and other features (subscriptions, etc) - we left a simple link to the forums when it comes to linking to the MiceChat forums. It's highly recommended that you bookmark the specific forums you are interested in or browse from the forums front page.

    Good to note that if you use the Features dropdown, or click any of the categories for a specific article, you'll get more articles from that specific column. As for the large images, those were taking several hours a night to be hand-composed - they were neat, but with more Disney and other content coming down the pipeline, it's not sustainable to do several of those a night.

    From a long-time visitor perspective, MiceAge was not broken. From a web standards, and internet search optimized perspective - it was. Believe me, we're still not corporate (there's only 2 of us doing the technical back-end here).

    We want to grow MiceChat/MiceAge, and have our existing readers enjoy the content, but we also want to bring in new readers. MiceAge is celebrating 10 years, but lots on the internet has changed in 10 years. Al's last article was our biggest EVER. Why? Because we got a whole flux of visitors to the site - it got picked up by dozens of Twitter bots, was liked nearly a 1,000 times on Facebook - and we found that these new users explored our site more, found more content than before. Indirectly, that means more revenue. Revenue so we can have more content, do more neat events, and exist on the web. Running a website this large isn't cheap, and if we can bring in more traffic to allow us to cover those server bills, then we have to do it.

    MiceAge and MiceChat are not stagnate in their look, they have never been. You can expect more changes over the coming months and you'll see lots of new features, and new content. We needed to ensure that that content system is manageable, and that we didn't have someone spending hours a night every night to get you to your content, instead of writing more content. We'll tweak the look, the format, and the layout over the coming months. There's lots we can do with a modern backend, and it will ensure that MiceAge and MiceChat stay around for a long time.
    Thanks for explaining, had no idea regarding the "bot" issue, and I guess the need for there to be printed words along with pictures.

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    Re: Do You Like Miceage's New Look?

    Have all Al's old articles been removed since the MiceAge link now just redirects you to the main MiceChat page? Or are they in an accessible archive somewhere? (I know that his OLD OLD OLD articles go to Internet Heaven/Al's hard drive, but what about articles earlier than September of this year?)

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    Re: Do You Like Miceage's New Look?

    Quote Originally Posted by niklj View Post
    Or are they in an accessible archive somewhere? (I know that his OLD OLD OLD articles go to Internet Heaven/Al's hard drive, but what about articles earlier than September of this year?)
    Google still has search entries for them, use the search terms: intite:Al Lutz - We may work on a total archive that goes back as far as possible.
    -Monorail Man

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    Re: Do You Like Miceage's New Look?

    I like it!
    For the love of Disney....

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