Several members have brought it to our attention that they have been seeing this message when attempting to post.

<<vBulletin Message

We are sorry, we are not able to process the operation further. Your account should satisfy the single sign-on requirements. Please contact your administrator to solve this issue.>>

I've even had it happen to me on a couple of occasions. We'll forward this to the people do work on the code for the site, but in the mean time if you happen to see this message, you can just click on the button/tab on the top of the page that says "forum" and it should take you back into the site with no further problems.

Some members have also reported problems staying logged in. The first thing to try is go log out, clear your cookies and cache and log back in again.

And if you are having specific issues, please don't hesitate to use the contact us form or a moderator and we'll try to get the problems worked out for you as soon as we can.