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    May post an off topic thread in the Disneyland forum?

    I posted an idea for what I think the Haunted Mansion in Adventureland at Hong Kong Disneyland should look like, and the backstory to go with it, in the HK Disneyland forum. I know since the Disneyland forum is the busiest and most trafficked forum, many of those who post there probably rarely, if ever, have a look in the Hong Kong Disneyland forum, and I wanted to point people to my thread just to get feedback and see what people thought of the idea. I figure it would still of interest to people in that forum.

    Would this be breaking any forum rules?

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    Re: May post an off topic thread in the Disneyland forum?

    Our muliple sections are designed for posts of their appropiate topic. The only reason why the Disneyland forum is busier than the others, is the sheer amount of content. Generally, our other sections have the same readership percentage as the other sections.

    So, what I'm saying, is that we ask that you post a topic in it's appropiate area. If you do not, we will end up moving it.

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    Re: May post an off topic thread in the Disneyland forum?

    You could try posting a link in your signature.

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