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Thread: Error 504

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    Error 504

    This has been happening to me for quite some time. When I click on something on MiceChat, instead of getting the page that I want, I get what is in the link that is above.

    It sometimes happens when I am clicking on new posts. It sometimes happens when I am posting a post. One morning it continually happened when I was in the Good Morning Thread.

    I usually ignore it, but it does get annoying when it happens a lot.

    I do notice that when my post doesn't go through quickly, it happens. Or when a page doesn't load quickly, it happens.

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

    The page says Error 504


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    Re: Error 504

    This is unrelated to MiceChat, and could be an issue between the connection between your ISP, and our server. For more details on the 504 error, click here.
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