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    Red Face Problem posting video's and default micechat and colored

    So my issue is I do not have the icons for you tube and Google video. I tried it on IE and foxfire.

    Also I changed my default mice chat to red. It saved red. I switched to default again it saved default on that screen then when I switched to a thread it would switch back to red.

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    Re: Problem posting video's and default micechat and colored

    For the switching colors - be sure it's switched in your User CP, too.
    Then, if that doesn't work... you know the drill... clear cookies and your cache

    Don't know about the YT and G stuff though!
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    Re: Problem posting video's and default micechat and colored

    clear your browser's cache.. and make sure you have cookies enabled.

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    Re: Problem posting video's and default micechat and colored

    There is a known issue with the Google Video buttons. They only appear on some of the pages. MM will be going in to add the rest of the buttons soon. In the meanwhile, you can manually add the code tags:

    youtube and /youtube with the [ ] around them.
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