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Thread: New banner ad

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    New banner ad

    What's with the new "support our sponsors" animated banner ad in the middle of the main board page? It's really annoying and distracting.

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    Post Re: New banner ad


    As many of you have noticed, MiceChat has some very busy days. On those days, we crawl to a halt.

    To better handle those spikes in our volume and in order to support some new features we have coming up, we'd like to add a second server to the site. But to do this, we need to raise a little extra cash each month.

    Hence the new ad bar (which isn't bringing in very much). It may stay, or it may go. But if more people would sign up for MiceChat Gold and support the site through direct contributions, it wouldn't be necessary at all.

    One last request - Many of you have installed ad blockers on your Firefox. As a result, our Ad revenues from our Firefox users has dropped dramatically. If you like your MiceChat, disabling the Ads is not a good thing. - Just a tip.
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