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    Is there a MiceChat banner or Clip Art section somewhere?

    I wanted to make a little table sign in case someone wonders where we are at The Billies at Vincenzo's tomorrow (See "Meets" section 9/1/07) and I can't find any other MiceChat art other than just duping the 'Home" logo at the top of each page.

    Oh, I just notcied the random tag-line rotation feature - nifty! I grabbed the "The 2nd Happiest Place On Earth" one for my experiment, now I have to get the others...

    Also 4 of them on cardstock and a bit of polyfoam would make a nifty microphone "Billboard", just like the big-time TV & Radio Stations use - in case I find Ed Grier and ask him a few pressing questions that 'Enquiring MiceChatters Want To Know' - like for openers: "You've been President of Disneyland for 14 months now, but we very rarely see you in the Parks. Where have you been hiding for the last year and change?"

    Have you got a folder somewhere publicly available with the clip art, banners, and other useful bits? And yes, I realize that any use should be cleared by the Powers That Be first - Just remember that he's used my photography around here a few times.

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    Re: Is there a MiceChat banner or Clip Art section somewhere?

    yea idk about any micechat design things.. Im not being rude but some more graphic design on micechat would be neater :-)

    If you dont trust me i can give you the micechat names of some ppl i traded - they will say im not a scammer.

    I have Any cdoes from narnia - tell me witch code
    like pins, lampost, or wardrobe teleports

    The pirates boat game - that u can get pieces of boat.

    pirates 2 game. Might be sparrow code!

    finding nemo - all levels, just ask witch one

    and more

    [email protected]
    To email me or to add me on msn to order codes.
    I can trade hundreds at a time! and i have more codes then in signature

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