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    Forum Work Ongoing - Please Pardon Our Stardust

    We are working on our site at the moment. If you see strange formatting, please ignore, we should be done with our work by later tonight.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Dusty, Monorail Man, and the MiceChat Crew
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    Re: Forum Work Ongoing - Please Pardon Our Stardust

    LOL! I was just going to post a thread about this, but you beat me to it. Oh well, just to make myself feel better here's the screen cap I made. LOL At least it won't be not (kinda). LMAO

    Thanks for the hard work!


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    Re: Forum Work Ongoing - Please Pardon Our Stardust

    I used to worry about a lot of computer stuff when I had MSN. There was always weird things happening. I then switched to AOL, and it got even stranger. Now I am happy to say that I have ATT Yahoo, and the strangeness went away.

    So now when MiceChat doesn't look quite "Up To It's Usual Style", I attribute it to this:

    Dusty and MM must be doing something new and great for all us MiceChatters.

    I am usually right, and pleasantly surprised almost always.

    May 11 - 16, 2015

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