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    Talking Family fun night

    Hi everyone. Ok, I think my kids have dubbed my hubby and I as geeks. After dinner last night I can't blame them but that's me. Let me tell you about my dinner. Well, I had bought some DVDs on line from Magic in the parks and one of them was a walk through Disneyland. It is filmed as if you are holding the camara and just walking around the whole park. Yes, it is crowded and a normal day at DLR. What we did for dinner was to buy all sorts of food that we get in the park when we go. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls from the Plaza, Pizza from Pizza Port, Waffle fries from Pilot's grill in DCa, corn dogs from the red stand, grapes from the kids meals, We served it up on our mickeymouse shaped plate, the ones the kids meals come in, I washed them out and saved them after the little one ate and brought them home. We drank out of the hot cocoa mugs you get in the park ( we have alot of them). We set the table all up with all the food on it and called the kids in (they are 20 Girl, 17 boy(a major Disney fan) and 8 girl)We asked them the theme and of course the said Disney but then we had each kid pick a food off their plate and they had to tell us where it was from. They all got it. We put in the DVD of walking through Disneyland on our 57 in tv and it really felt like you were holding the camara and walking through Disneyland. We finished the night with popcorn in the popcorn buckets ( we have alot of them too. ) and churros. All in all. a really fun night. I think Hubby and I had just as much fun planning the menu as we did eating it. Now the food wasn't anywhere as good but the trip down memory lane was wonderful excet now I really want to go to DLR. We are planning to got July 3,4,5,6. My son turn 18 on July 4th and he really wants to go. Well, remember I said he was a big Disney fan/ Well, we ordered his class senior ring and ingraved inside he got to pick 18 letters so this is what he picked, DSNYLND is my LND! Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed reading this.
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