Sorry to take all the fun out of it.....but after all this is a family board.

This is not a "one person asks a question and the next person answers it" kind of thread.

Simply a thread to share your funniest jokes to make everyone laugh.

I'll start......

And I'll borrow a few from one of the greatest, Bill Cosby.

"And mothers are always more concerned about the condition of your underwear, than your body, if you're ever in an accident. And they tell you that! 'I hope, that for my sake, if you're ever in an accident, that you have on clean underwear!' Well, I thought that's what an accident was! I mean look, you're driving a car and here comes a truck, gonna hit you. Now whether you hit the truck or not, you're gonna have soiled underwear! Cause first you say it, then you do it! Now here comes your mother to the hospital. 'Did you have on clean underwear?' 'Yes! We found it in the glove compartment!"

"And because of my father, I thought my name was Jesus Christ! He ways always 'JESUS CHRIST!' And my brother Russell thought his name was Da**it! 'Da**it will you stop all that noise?! And Jesus Christ, SIT DOWN!' So one day, I'm out playing in the rain. My father yells 'DA**IT WILL YOU GET IN HERE?!?!?!' I said 'DAD, I'M JESUS CHRIST!!!"