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    Cool What are you suppose to be doing right now??

    Well, lots of us are on MiceChat at the moment, but chances are highly likely that most of us should be doing something else at the moment. For example- I should be finishing up my homework right now instead of posting on MiceChat..... Soooo, what should you be doing right now?
    ...After a YEAR I finally was able to figure out my password again! I'm baaack! Woohoo!(:
    Disney is my life <3
    Thank Walt for all he did! <3
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    Re: What are you suppose to be doing right now??

    Please...don't call me simmer, call me Mike Folf.
    I am a Canis Lupus Vulpes Americanis Califius, otherwise known as a Californian Folf.

    "Cool shades, Mike!"

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    Re: What are you suppose to be doing right now??

    working on getting appointments for my patients
    "Your dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway." Walt Disney

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