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    Mickey & Donald's Darker Sides

    I hit up the Magic Kingdom yesterday and actually watched one of the shows. To my surprise, I noticed that at some point Disney has modified the character head designs to incorporate simple animation - the eyelids of the characters close as the heads bob up and down. While this certainly adds effect to the show, obviously Disney didn't consider the images that could be produced as a result. The images below were obtained as the result of continuous shooting - holding down the shutter button to obtain a series of pix in rapid succession. It wasn't until I was sitting in the Hall of Presidents waiting that I realized what I had captured.

    The pix have not been doctored.

    To me Donald is looking like 'Evil Twin Brother Donald' and Mickey, well, he just looks stoned.

    Full sized images are here
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    Re: Mickey & Donald's Darker Sides

    The thumbnails aren't getting larger when clicked on.

    EDIT: posted links...thanks!
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