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    Lets Make A Story Game

    Alright so what the goal of this game is to continue the story
    using the information of the latest post. Just make sure its
    appropriate and continues from the previous post and make your post between 1-6 lines
    So... Lets make a story! I'll Start:


    November 1948: It was a cold night in Los Angeles. Detective Jake Rayburn and his partner, Quincy Morris, were assigned a new case in Hollywood, where little did they know, they would be involved with the biggest case the world has ever seen. They met with a New York Business man, Peter LaCure. LaCure has said that a certain client had stolen his personal and private funds.
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    Re: Lets Make A Story Game

    "The woman I suspect made away with my money was a new client," LaCure said, nervously twiddling his fingers. He sat in a large, plush leather chair, examining the dark, dank precinct room about him.
    "Violet was the name she gave. She always came in wearing a long purple cloak, with only her pale nose sticking out from her hood."

    "To Serve Man... it's a cookbook!!!"

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