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    Re: RCMC #134 You Have to Be a Little Crazy to Have A Lot of Fun

    Is there a number limit to a thread?

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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    Re: RCMC #134 You Have to Be a Little Crazy to Have A Lot of Fun

    Considering the Daily Disneyland Photo thread has over 5,700 posts and the Alphabet Word game has over 4,100 my opinion is no. Generally we've let our RCMC threads roll till 2,000 and then start a new one. Is there a hard and fast rule about it? Probably not.

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    Re: RCMC #134 You Have to Be a Little Crazy to Have A Lot of Fun

    A few years ago, if a thread went over 2,000 it wouldn't completely screw up, but it wouldn't work very well either.

    They got the technical issue fixed, but mostly out of habit, we still start a new RCMC thread at 2,000.

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    Re: RCMC #134 You Have to Be a Little Crazy to Have A Lot of Fun

    What Rob said.

    And now this one is done!

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