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    Re: RCMC Inssurrection: MiceSpeed Ahead!

    Quote Originally Posted by localdisnyfan View Post falls upon you to start the ...what....? Crusade thread?

    A crusade? Are we going on a crusade?
    Uh.... well we have a working idea... but....uh..... the Fryer is in possession of the information currently and as he's not around..... yet.... uh... we need to keep the smell down in here just a bit longer until we have all the pieces in place...

    The end of this kinda snuck up on me... its been soooo freaking dead in here with everyone back in school I just figured we wouldn't hit 2000 on this till Thanksgiving.

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    Re: RCMC Inssurrection: MiceSpeed Ahead!

    2, 000 rolling on. time to close.
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