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    My Favorite Picture

    We all know at times we take a picture we just absolutely LOVE and want to share with everyone. So here's your chance to do just that, and post a favorite picture that YOU have taken (doesn't have to only be Disneyland). Tell us as much as you want about the picture and post away!

    Of course, I'll begin ...

    BTMRR - Jan. 28, 2007
    I love the way this picture came out, mostly because you can see the trains on both the left and right of this shot.

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    well thats none of your buisness

    Re: My Favorite Picture

    that is an awsome pic!!! thank you for sharing

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    Re: My Favorite Picture

    I think I like this one so much because I have a ton of pictures taken from the front of the castle but not the side. I like the castle going right down to the water.

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