ships. I hate the idea about being on the middle of the ocean on a ship. I actually hate just walking on a ship. I've been on the queen mary which can not go anywhere, but I always have a panic moment right before i go on board. I had the same feeling, but worse when I went on a carnival cruise ship (pre 9/11) before my sister went on a cruise. I knew that ship could move and I did not like it at all.

I also hate knowing I'm below the water line on a ship....and along the boat lines. I really hate walking on docks and getting into regular boats also. I'm usually ok once I'm in, but I hate getting in and out of them. I'm ok walking on piers though.

one day i will just go on a cruise and try to get over my phobia.

Heights - heights do not bother me as long as I know I can not fall. If there is a chance I could fall I ladders or waling on walls, roofs...that type of stuff.

small spaces - I tend to get claustrophobic, but it's very slight. It tends to act up in crowds also. I get panicky it thick crowds. i am getting better at crowds though, since I got o DL so often.

I use to have a fear of flying, but ever since I went flying with my Bf and he explained everything...all the noises and steps of the flight. We sat over the wing and he explained everythign the wing was doing. Then i looked down and got a very calm feeling when this thought went through my head. "if the plane crashes their is absolutely nothing I can do to stop it." for some reason that made me very calm.