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    VRT - Virtual Retail Therapy

    We all do it. Some do it as a way to find things they need, such as the perfect outfit for this weekend's party, or a new couch. Others do it as a way to dream about things they want in the future, setting up wish lists, jotting down notes. Then there are the folks who do it just to pass the time.

    For whatever reason you do your Retail Therapy Virtually, tell us what you are looking for, dreaming of, or checking out.
    Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally.
    I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally.

    May the Gumballs Be with You...Always.

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    a house, some really cute shoes, and books, thats what I shop for...hmm whens payday?

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    Short termisneyland attraction posters, books, new shoes, a new camera
    Long term:An old Victorian home to live in
    Eglantine, Eglantine, oh how you shine!
    I don't believe in giving animals ridiculous names. I call him Cosmic Creepers...
    ...and if you've got no other choice, you know you can follow my voice...

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