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    Our very own Sephora store

    I guess I'm fixing to find ou t what the dealio is concerning Sephora..we're getting a Sephora store in our mall1 It used to be a Discovery Channel store, then it was a seasonal store called Remember When and now it's going to be a Sephora store.


    Hit 'em where it hurts..right in the sales aisle.Help support the 'girl-cotting' of A&F. Pass the word..tell your mom,your sister,your wife and girlfriends.Show your support for women everywhere by supporting the girl-cotting of Abercrombie.

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    It's fall, ya'll!
    I'm SO jealous!!! I'm at least six months away from my own Sephora store....I'll be at the Downtown Disney one again before I get my own!

    Lucky lady!!!! Enjoy!

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