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    Custom making of shirts

    So, I'm looking to get a custom made shirt done for my Gumball Rally team.

    But the problem is, I am using images that belong to Disney (a screen shot from a movie).

    So I wanted to know what you ladies think can be done? Can I take it into a shop that makes shirts and see if they can make it, or have you had any experience with taking a shirt to a certain shop?

    My thing is, last year, we just ironed on some screen shots and the material used for that bled the image when it got wet. Even if I have to make it myself, do you have any ideas on what type of iron on/print an image on material I can use?


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    Re: Custom making of shirts

    Depending on what the picture is, you could just make it yourself. I use fabric paints a lot, and what I do is print the picture out on cardstock, cut out a certain color, and paint it like a stencil.
    But then again, that's just me.
    I used some kind of iron-on transfer for a shirt last year, and it worked fine for one time use. It washes fine, but after a day at Disney it kind of started peeling, but that's because I was using little things like letters. I'll check what brand it was.

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    Re: Custom making of shirts

    The online Disney store has a way to personalize shirts with Disney images, they send you to a site where I think you can even upload your own image to use.

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