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    As long as the psycho stalker is Roger Bart - I will root for him! Rex is only getting what he deserves!!!
    I love Disneyland!

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    I just love how this is now going on everywhere. First, we categorised everyone as "total Carries" and "Miranda, but Samantha in the bedroom - or wherever"... And now we're all basically introducing ourselves as Susans and Brees. It goes for both genders even. Yet no one seems to realise that they're really the same women, only they changed the hair colours around.

    Anyway, total Susan here, but with random, uncalled-for Bree moments every now and then (read: I could definitely see myself locking myself out of my own house naked, and I could see myself setting fire to it, but that house would be carefully decorated).

    I think we need to start using this in personals ads. "Positive Susan seeks Gabrielle" and similar.

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