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    Facepainting in the Disneyland / Orange County Area

    Hi ladies! I wanted to share this with you guys. We all love Disneyland and the fun activities we do there, plus we've had some great conversations about MAKE-UP on this forum (love!), so I thought it would be appropriate to share this:

    My sister has been face painting professionally for a year now, and she and a friend have decided to go into business for themselves here in the Disneyland area!

    I wanted to share the website here so you could see the pics: Glimmer Face Painting!
    Face Painting Orange County Face Painting Kids Parties (714) 392 3489

    And also, if you're local and looking to bring magic to any kind of celebration, think about getting a face painter! These two both love to do kid's parties as well as paint adults for a variety of occasions. One favorite is the bachelorette parties, because with adults they can take the time to do elaborate, beautiful designs, and still make fairy princess dreams come true.

    Thanks for letting me share. I know it's close to just advertising, but I'm so proud of my little sis and of how she's not only developed this beautiful skill, but brought it to a really professional level. She loves Disney and Disneyland, so I thought all my fellow MCers might appreciate it too, and wanted to let you know that she can really bring the magic.
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    Re: Facepainting in the Disneyland / Orange County Area

    I love the gallery pics. Pretty cool. Will have to try it out when I eventually head over there. Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Facepainting in the Disneyland / Orange County Area

    It's always fun to make people happy. Congratz to your sis and best of luck.
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