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Thread: Getting Older

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    Re: Getting Older

    Hi all, I'm fairly new around here and have been reading lots of posts but this one really hit home.
    I have 5 children, my two older girls are out of the house, married, with children of their own. The 3 left here are a boy, 17, boy, 15 and a girl, 11. When the first two were seniors in high school, I was so tired with the babies that I never really gave much thought about them growing up and leaving home. In fact, why worry (I thought) I still have lots of children and time.. But now with my son a senior this year, everything we have done, like look at colleges, order announcements, have really bothered me. I have been trying to get together a senior album for him but I had to stop, I just got too upset. And whenever he talks about going to live in a dorm I just cry. I am so proud of him and all his acheivements (high honors in high school) but it is very hard to let go. I see the next two coming up to this point very fast, and already even the 11 yr old doesn't really need me like she did when she was a baby. At this age they are always running to sports, friends, etc.
    This is what I'm trying to do to help; I am finding some new hobbies, finding some friends on websites that are of interest to me (like this one) and looking forward to some alone time with DH when the time comes.
    Sorry this is long, just hit the spot...Laenie
    I love Dumbo!!

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    well thats none of your buisness

    Re: Getting Older

    awwww 40!! I remember that well
    now I will be 50 in 3 more years, am old, feel old and look old. but hey, thats ok, I still have no mulla in the bank, no boyfriend and no loving in 9 years, but hey, its all good. some times I wish I had a big extended family to enjoy, but again I do not and probably never will. I am just glad I have my health and have some teeth left awwwww 40 yes, I remember it well

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