I was reading the USA weekend that comes in the Sunday paper and found this article. I thought this was something you might like to know or for someone close to you.

Breast self-exams just got easier

Each year, more than 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer; reports the American Cancer Society, and more than 40,000 breast cancer patients will die. Statistics show women who have routine mammograms reduce their risk of dying from breast cancer, says Dr.Christy Russell, chairwoman of ABC's breast cancer advisory committee. While the group recommends annual mammograms for women over 40, all women should perform breast self-exams (BSEs) each month. These products help to make BSEs easier:
  • The MARK FOR LIFE T-SHIRT, shows wears exactly how to do a BSE; simply follow the arrows. T-shirts are based on a bra size and comes with instructions and a wash-proof pen to record suspicious bumps or changes. Cost $24.99; http://www.markforlife.com/ or 877-512-5433.
  • FAROSE & FENOMENOLE BREAST SELF-EXAM SCENTED OILS from ZenMomma (zenmomma.com or 877-804-4749) and bath by Bettijo (bathbybettijo.com or 877-528-1584) respectively, help fingers slide over skin for easy exam. Cost $12 and up.
  • The AWARE BREAST SEL-EXAM PAD looks like a deflated whoopee cushion, but there's nothing funny about how it works. The FDA-cleared pad has liquid sealed between two sheets of plastic. It clings to the skin; trapped liquid reduces the resistance between the fingers and the breasts to better feel for lumps and changes. An instruction card and video are included. Cost $14.95, plus shipping; available at www.awarebs.com or 800-854-3002
  • The MAMMOPAD by BIOLUCENT INC. is a new FDA-cleared product that may take some of the sting out of mammograms. This foam pad fits between the mammography machine and the patient's breast. it reduces discomfort by half, researchers say. You can't buy the pads in stores, but you can check wwwmammopad.com to find a center that uses them.