The phrase 'Iím eating for two' has burdened many pregnant women with extra weight to lose after giving birth.

Even though official guidelines suggest women should put on no more than two stone while pregnant, itís easy to get carried away during those nine months and recent statistics have found that up to 15 per cent of mothers are obese during pregnancy, jeopardising not only their own health, but also that of the next generation.
As Hazelís pregnancy progressed, midwives gently reminded her about the importance of healthy eating.

But the stretchy waistband on her maternity gear offered no real warnings as to how big she was really getting.

She said: 'If I craved a bag of crisps I would think nothing of eating four bags in one go. All I could see was my bump growing and my husband was constantly telling me how gorgeous I was, so I didnít worry.'

Now after a two-year battle, she has lost most of the weight thanks to a combination of diet and exercise - including pole dancing.
Mother, 25, who put on over eight stone during pregnancy by 'eating for two' loses a massive NINE stone learning to pole dance | Mail Online