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    It's fall, ya'll!
    Quote Originally Posted by ocnative1964
    claire what or where is the NEW job??? what are you doing???
    I'm subbing for Portland Public. It's just 1-2 days a week....most likely will do it twice a week, so that we have some sort of "normal" routine for the nanny and the aftercare program at their school.

    I enjoyed doing it again today....but I'm looking forward to a day at OMSI with Chloe tomorrow. Working is HARD! I'm beat....doesn't help that the two days I worked this week, I also had stuff going on in the I saw the kids for like an hour each day.

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    teaching is great... I have 2 sisters and my father in law plus a few reletives in ca...

    i could imagine the tiredness of that... I have thought many times how great a career that would be, but the thought of being 40 and another year or 2 of school then the starting salary when I need the salary of someone that has taught for 15 years... reality wins out...

    wish you the best... have fun at omsi... I need to take the kids there again soon....

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    I was left alone starting at age 11 and by 14 I was staying home alone over night. My nieces however, our 10 and 8 and my sister still feels they are not ready. I'd have to agree. The oldest tends to act more like she is her sister’s age then her own. I'm guessing she will grow out of that soon enough. :o

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    We stated leaving Josh (10) home for short periods of time over the summer. He knows the rules and follows them (I think). I doubt he's been on his own for more than an hour, but it's still nerve racking.
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