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    Exclamation Grrah! I paid good money for that!

    About a month ago, DH and I bought a new mop, cuz well..we needed one. We purchased an O-Cedar, because we'd heard that O-Cedars were nice mops.

    And it was fine the first two or three times I used it. I noticed little bits of the spongey head coming off but thought nothing of it. Tonight, as I was mopping, big chunks of the head came off as I was mopping.

    I guess I'm calling O-Cedar's cust svc line in the morning. I've never had this happen before. We only bought the new mop because the other mop we had broke..right in half! While I was mopping!

    I guess we just have bad luck with mops.


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    Re: Grrah! I paid good money for that!

    That sucks. I have when stuff like that happens.

    I had to buy a new curling iropn tonight because mine decided to stop working this morning. Made me bad because it worked fine the other day. Oh well.. at least a new one was only $10.

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