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    Mother/Daughter Date Games

    I'm doing a mother/daughter date for a church activity. The girls will be 12-18 years old.

    I need a couple of fun games. I was reading the baby shower thread, but couldn't translate the games from baby to mom and daughter.

    We're going to do a questionnaire panel to see how well the mom know the daughters - but other than that, I'm kind of stuck.

    So, I'm relying on the expertise of mice chat to help me out!!!

    Thanks all!

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    Re: Mother/Daughter Date Games

    1) How about playing a Mother-Daughter role reversal game. The moms (portaying their respective daughters) would display attitudes that they approve and disapprove. In turn, the daughters would either show approval or diapproval in ways that they deem appropriate. Such a game would be both informative and full of humor.

    2) Biblcal charades.

    3) watch a movie. Have daughters write reviews without signing. Then, have mothers take turns guesing which girl wrote each review. Afterward, the moms would write reviews.

    4) Play Tug of War - moms vs, daughters.

    5) Have pie eating contests - moms vs. daughters.
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    Re: Mother/Daughter Date Games

    How about wedding showers? Make up a girly girl bingo game. Or how about having teams make a dress out of tissue and tape, then fashion show it.
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