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    Mother's Day Ideas?

    Anyone have any great ideas for mother's day gifts? I had the perfect present I was bidding on from ebay but I forgot to check it and got outbid So now I'm clueless. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    I was planning on getting my mother a 'mother's bracelet"- it is beaded and has blocks that spell out your name on it. They are really pretty and if you just type in "Mother's Bracelet" into a search engine, you will find all kinds of places that sell them.
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    Do you live near or far away from your mom?

    I usually do a girl's day... my mom is pretty fun and usually up for anything, so it makes planning pretty easy.

    My sister gave my mom three hours with a personal organizer this year (well, she will be giving) and I think my mom will really like it.

    This year, I have planned a really great picnic on the beach, then we're going house hunting (my parents are buying a new house and my mom wants my opinion) and then a couple of hours of shopping. Then we'll go for dinner and drinks and then to a movie. In the past, I've given her a bit of a spa day (we got facials, manicures and pedicures) and then met the "guys" for dinner and a play. That was a fun day too!

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    Our favorite thing to do on Mother's Day is (surprise!) go to Disneyland. This year we are changing things up and we are going to Knott's Berry Farm. No one in my family has been there in forever, so we thought it would be fun.

    As for what I am getting my mom, I am going to pick up a copy of hte illustrated Da Vinci Code for her. She will love it.
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    What sort of things does your mom really like? Can you do up a cute gift basket with little things that she likes, like candles, gift cards and flowers? Is she the type that would like a spa day? Or how about a large collage frame filled with pictures of the two of you over the years?

    My mom just re-did her kitchen so I made up a huge gift basket with these cute and inexpensive Retro Kitchen supplies(her kitchen is 50's style)and a bottle of wine.

    My grandmother & stepmom will get flowers.

    As for me, I just want my house to hurry up and get through escrow with no problems or set backs <fingers crossed>
    :o and a little Sephora GC wouldn't be too shabby either!

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    For my Mom: probably a trip to Sephora via a gift card. They finally opened one in the Inland Empire (AKA: The 909) so she'll actually go now.

    Ry is getting his Mom a photo album to fill with pictures from the trip to DL this last weekend that was her real gift. Ok, so really it's from me. Hey, you actually think he remembers it's Mother's day? Hardly.
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    Tickets to the Mothers Day Buffet at the DL Hotel's Grand Ballroom. Huge selection of goodies and they are all GREAT!

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