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    To all the ladies

    I am falling more and more in love with the ladies here and would be terribly sad to lose anyone of you. Sometime this year, at least one of you will be diagmosed with Breast Cancer. I plead with all of you, please do your self examines and get your mamograms on time. My heart would break to lose anyon of you.
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    Re: To all the ladies

    Sounds scary, but that's very true, KoH. When I did the Walk for Hope two years ago, I learned that 1 out of every 8 women, and 1 out of every 1,000 men will end up with some degree of breast cancer. It's a startling statistic, but a real one.

    Early detection and treatment is key to survival.

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    Re: To all the ladies

    I can attest. Early detection is THE key to survival.

    I went in for my annual mamogram last February and was found to have early stages of DCIS breast cancer. It is the most common form of breast cancer but, in the early stages, is only detectable by mamogram (there was no lump at all). My Mother had had breast cancer at the age of 57 (post menopausal) and I knew my chances were great and had been getting regular mamograms since the age of 35, but I was still WAAAY young to be really fearful about getting cancer. Well, there it was and I was successfully treated.

    Because it was caught early, my treatment was a lot milder and less invasive than my Mother's - or a lot of women. I had a modified mastectomy - ugly scar but no reconstruction really needed. No Chemo and 6 weeks of radiation, which made me tired, but it wasn't awful.

    I thank GOD I was having regular mamograms. It could've been SO much worse. I'm a breast cancer survivor, but I'm also REALLY lucky that it was caught early.

    So, yeah, the short of it is -

    • Do monthly exams at home
    • Get yearly mamograms annually after the age of 40 (35 if you have a family history)
    • Be diligent.

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    Re: To all the ladies

    Wow. These stats are scary. That and diabetes... so much sugar. My anatomy prof. kept getting on us about this and pushing it our faces. The numbers are greater than we all think.

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    Re: To all the ladies

    I used to work at a Breast center and it is crucial to begin getting yearly mammograms at age 35 and until then, to do your monthly exams!!!! Don't think that just because you are young, that you will not develop it before age 35!!! it happens. AND Men, report ANY suspicious lumps to your Dr. Breast cancer is not a "Women Only" disease. It can happen to you too!!!
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