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    Painting the Roses Red

    Dearest readers,

    Why must one suffer white roses? The answer is that one must not! In fact, let me tell you the best way that it should be done:
    1. Capture and enslave a pack of cards!
    2. Cast a spell
    3. Send your newly humanized cards to Sherwin Williams and buy them some red paint.
    4. Rent ladders and tarps (you don't want red grass, that still looks good in green - for now).
    5. Set the cards losse.
    What do you have to fear? White Roses!
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    Off with their heads!

    So simple, yet so elegant!!! A sharpened blade and . . . Woosh! Into the basket!!!

    You know, perhaps I could give a dear friend (stuck in the Jungle) some heads for shrinking, any way you slice it folks, you still come out ahead

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