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    How do you remove mildew from clothing?

    Ok so I left a small pile of fresh out of the washer wet laundry on my hamper and promptly forgot about it for 3 days. Now the clothes that were in that pile have a faint mildew smell. I don't see any mildew that has grown on them but they still have that kitchen sink sponge smell.
    How should I try to remove/kill that?
    Unfortunately it was a color/black load that this happened to, so the obvious bleach is not really an option.

    Is there some home remedy?
    Lemon Juice?

    Thanks for your help!!!
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    Re: How do you remove mildew from clothing?

    Oxy clean is the BOMB!!! Try that!! Works great for any laundry problems!
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    Re: How do you remove mildew from clothing?

    I would recommend first re-washing the clothes in the washer with about a cup of vinegar. Run it through the rinse cycle twice. Then use a mixture of Oxyclean and Tide for the next wash. If the smell is still there, repeat the above steps.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: How do you remove mildew from clothing?

    Did you try rewashing them? That has helped for me before. (yeah, I forgot clothes in ther washer for 2 days...

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    Re: How do you remove mildew from clothing?

    Re-washing them usually does the trick. Can you get some color-safe bleach or Woolite Dark?

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