Hong Kong Disneyland phase two agreement to be announced on June 30th !

Great news for Hong Kong Disneyland as Reuters Press agency announced that a HK government and the WDC have a deal on the expansion of the park, and this should be announced officially on June 30th! Let's just cross our fingers that this time, it's for real.

Business Week.com brings interesting details about the deal itself:

"It looks like the Walt Disney Company (DIS) and the Hong Kong government have finally reached an agreement to expand their undersized and underperforming Hong Kong version of the Magic Kingdom... However it appears as though Disney ended up making all the concessions. According to press reports, Disney will pay for the entire expansion costing as much as $800 million. The government will convert its debt to equity to prevent its share from being diluted below the 50% mark. The Hong Kong government, quite rightly, was reluctant to pony up any more cash into the money-losing park considered too small to attract enough first time visitors, let alone getting them to come back. Although Hong Kong covered more than 80% of the initial $2.9 billion cost of the project, the government has just a 57% share in the joint venture, with Disney holding the other 43%."

Full article including the Reuters news are on Disney and more HERE:

Disney and more: Hong Kong Disneyland phase two agreement to be announced on June 30th !