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    HKDL gate no.2 Vs HKOP gate no. 2

    we all know HKDL is under expansion so does HKOP which they are also under redevelopment(as well as expansion).

    We don't know when HKDL will open 2nd gate.

    But the CEO of HKOP already expressed indications that he (as well as the chairman of HKOP) would like to see further development at TSW (Tai Shue Wan, aka Big Tree Bay) after the completion of the HK$5.55 billion MRP (Master Redevelopment Plan). (MRP estimated to be completed by 2012/2013)

    The Future at TSW (aka Big Tree Bay)

    Mehrmann estimated the TSW development could support a capital investment around US$500 million
    The TSW site plotted for development measured roughly
    162,517 square meters, including the Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel
    If the topographical condition of the site constrained visitors’ movement between TSW and the main park, would it make sense
    to deploy the site as another self-contained themed attraction instead, or should they consider new transportation between TSW and the main park. How should TSW fit with the main park and its theme
    Mehrmann reflected on concepts that had been considered - waterparks, multi-purpose facilities, and indoor skiing......
    Source : Case Study by UST HK (an interview with CEO of HKOP)

    it would be interesting to see HKDL gate no 2 vs HKOP gate no 2 in the future.....

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