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    Kung Fu Mickey @ HKDL

    A new line of products "Kung Fu Mickey" available at HKDL.

    video from Apple Daily Hong Kong (Chinese only)

    Kung Fu Mickey pays tribute to Kung Fu Legend "Bruce Lee"! ......and "Ip Man" (Bruce Lee's former Kung Fu instructor/teacher)!!

    The Designer will be holding special Signing/autograph session between 31-July and 2-August at HKDL. He said he got the inspiration from various Kung Fu/Martial Arts Movie(Kung Fu Hustle, Enter the Dragon, Ip Man, etc...) and they are not promoting "Fighting" or different style/school of fighting but the inherent merits, moral principles and ethics behind "Kung Fu" or Wushu.


    Is Kung Fu Mickey the answer to Kung Fu Panda?
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    Re: Kung Fu Mickey @ HKDL

    Yes, this merchandise has been on sale at the park for at least 2 weeks already. They Kung Fu Mickey statue in particular is pretty cool and limited edition.

    Also noteworthy... the 4th anniversary merchandise has also gone on sale at HKDL, even if the actual anniversary does not take place until sept. But who cares? It's cute stuff and unique to HKDL. I wish all mighty WDW took the time to celebrate their anniversaries yearly like HKDL and TDR do at their parks.

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