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    Lightbulb Was HKDL to Recive Soarin' ?(And Star Tours too?)

    I remember that HKDL was going to get Soarin', then it didn't come, what happend to that idea?(I think might of been the same as Soarin' Over California, though I think maybe a Soarin' Over China or Around The World would make more sense.) Also, I would like to know why HKDL didn't get Star Tours?(I know, because the film is dated, but still, why didn't it come?) Both of these would have greatly complemented HKDL's Tomorrowland.


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    Re: Was HKDL to Recive Soarin' ?(And Star Tours too?)

    HKDL was promised loads of awesome, unique stuff to be put in BEFORE the opening including a frontierland. But just so happens that 6 years from the announcement of the roster of attractions, HKDL is only half the park it should have been. Why? I want to know to.

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