THE touristy teenyboppers at the entrance brought cameras. He brought red roses. They posed flamboyantly in front of the still bolted gates all victory signs and goofy whistles. He grasped the stems sweatily, screwing his eyes shut and praying hard. When Hong Kong Disneyland finally opened, to let a torrent of Mickey Mouse fans into its much talked-about, carefully designed, expensively contoured interiors, the teenyboppers rushed for Space Mountain, a zipping-zooming roller coaster ride in "Tomorrow Land". He went to Fantasy Land, making his way past the musical Cinderella carousel, his knees knocking together, till he reached the Mad Hatter Tea Cups. Then, while the squealing hoards got their adrenaline rush and Disney high in the electric darkness of Space Mountain, alive with dancing stars, his world went kaleidoscope-crazy in a completely different way. Because, in front of an audience, this usually shy Hong Kong citizen quietly got on his knees and asked his girlfriend, a Disney cast member who was on duty at the spinning Teacups ride, to marry him.