Hong Kong Disneyland on its way to celebrate the " Year of the Tiger "

Here is a Hong Kong Disneyland update where we'll have a look not only to what happened the last three weeks but also to the upcoming Chinese New Year event.

On January 3rd HKDL Christmas Season ended and so did the new "Lights of Winter" on Main Street where Christmas lights came alive with giant snowflakes carried by performers in alluring winter spirit costumes sparkled all the way to the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

On December 12, to celebrate a significant step in the expansion of Hong Kong Disneyland, a groundbreaking ceremony was held at Hong Kong Disneyland. John Tsang, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, and Jay Rasulo - who was still Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts - officiated the ceremony with representatives from the Government, The Walt Disney Company and the Hong Kong community in attendance.

With the announcement of Shanghaî Disneyland seen by some as a threat for HKDL future no need to say that they did a lot of publicity on this groundbreaking ceremony. They announced that the ceremony represented "a major milestone in the Resort’s expansion plan that will create not only new attractions but also 3,700 jobs during the construction phase and 600 new full-time jobs after expansion". Rasulo, in one of his last speech as chairman of WDPR said “Today marks the beginning of another exciting phase for Hong Kong Disneyland. The new themed areas will showcase the best in creativity, technology and story-telling. The planned attractions and rides will position our youngest Disney theme park for future growth and success.”

On his own, John Tsang said that a larger park with more attractions "will continue to draw the crowds and provide even more fun and excitement for visitors". Let's hope that everything will work as they wish, they have five more years before SDL opening to prove it.

Good news is that expansion work will begin immediately on the primary infrastructure and road work that will support the construction of the three themed areas. Two of the three themed areas, “Grizzly Gulch” and “Mystic Point” will be exclusive to HKDL for the first five years after their respective openings in 2012 and 2013. And the third, “Toy Story Land” opening in 2011 will also be exclusive but only within Asia as we know the same land open this year at the WDS.

But one of the most important event of the year in China will take place soon as the "Year of the Tiger" is expected to begin on Februray 14th. The Chinese New Year is an incredible event not only in China but all around Asia and it's hard for occidental people to imagine how important that date is. In fact, the Chinese new year marks the beginning of the "energetic year" with the very beginning of the "energy of the spring". In the Chinese tradition, the spring don't begin on March 20th but on the second new moon of the year. It's the time - and they are right - where what is called the "energy of the spring" - linked to the "wood" element begin, the end of the "winter energy", and the real date of the re-birth of a new year. This is not very known in Occident and this is why i give you this little explanation.

To come back to HKDL, the marketing office released the program of the event and here it is:

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