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    New WDI HKDL Expansion Lands & Attractions Video Sneaky Peeky

    [ame=""]YouTube - Hong Kong Disneyland Expansion - 2010 to 2014[/ame]

    Check out this new Imagineering vid of the three themed areas that eill open in 2014...Mystic Point (emphasis on Mystic Manor), Grizzly Tail (with Big Grizzly Mountain Coaster), and Toy Story Land (including models of the spinning Slinky Dog musical flat ride, RC Racer, and Green Armyh Men parachutte drop.

    One revelation that cught me by surprise is that WDT is creating newly developed ride system for Mystic Manor. The system is designed to activate ride scenes that immersively surrround you as your vehicle travels along.

    Lot's of fun and exciting stuff coming up for Hong Kong Disneland Resort enthusiasts!
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