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    HKDL best live shows (inc 3d) disney park in world?

    having been to hkdl so many times, I've thought this many times but just wondering what other people on here think.

    I think HKDL has the best live show entertainment out of any disnay park i've been to. the combination of golden mickeys (though not as good now without pyro), lion king (way better than animal kingdom version) and mickey's phillarmagic (best disney 3d show) has got to be the best combo for live shows out of any park.

    i think dhs is close with batb, stunt show and muppets though i think muppets is so outdated now.

    Anyways, i think this is one claim that HKDL can make for being the best at for all disney parks worldwide. I'm sure some ppl here will disagree though, so lets hear it.

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    Re: HKDL best live shows (inc 3d) disney park in world?

    I think that Festival of the Lion King is my favorite Disney stage show in the world simply because of its presentation and immense theatricality. But if the contest is broadened to include EVERY other Disney theme park then in that case Tokyo DisneySEA is on top. Magic Kingdom wise, I agree with you that HKDL does have the most ideal combination for this type of entertainment.

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    Re: HKDL best live shows (inc 3d) disney park in world?

    I thought the Golden Mickey's was a good show, but don't agree with the Lion King. I liked WDW's version better than HKDL.

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    Re: HKDL best live shows (inc 3d) disney park in world?

    This is going to be down to personal choice. In a way I kind of agree with dman383 about HKDL having the better live stage shows. Tokyo Disney Resort also have some good shows, but none I would rate above either the Golden Mickey's or Lion King. The only show I may rate better than these two shows would be Aladdin at DCA.

    I do not rate the show entertainment offerings at DHS to be that good. Beauty and the Beast is very dated and so it the Little Mermaid. I think its unfair to include the Stunt Shows. Animal Kingdom offerings, Lion King and Nemo the Musical are the top shows at Walt Disney World in my opinion.
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