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    Ocean Park Halloween vs HKDL Halloween

    so i visited both parks this past weekend for their halloween events and as much as i normally detest everything ocean park, i have to say they are hands down a much better event than hkdl's weak halloween offering this year.

    firstly, with hkdl this year only having 2 houses instead of 3 they had last year is already a regression. probably because alien invasion just wasn't that good last year but they should have replaced it with something else. and change up the existing houses for once, not just rehash the same thing over and over again. the inferno dance party in tomorrowland was just a poor attempt to replicate the rock party atmosphere of ocean park's halloween event. the nightmare in the sky was also a bit of a disappointment as it seemed a bunch of random scenes put together and didn't have that disney magic to it at all. the one highlight was the glow in the dark parade which i thought was a pretty good differentiator with ocean park and had some nice new floats.

    ocean park is much more hhn feel (not as high-quality, but without the drunks) but i went last year as well and was surprised they literally changed up every single house for a total of 8 new houses. admittingly some of them are pretty weak with their own employees walking through the house at times thus ruining the atmosphere and mood completely. however, they took much more chances and a few of the houses that stood out to me were:
    burned alive - you lie in a coffin and move along a conveyor built
    musuem of horrors - very nicely themed house showing top houses of 10 years past
    terror park - clowns and carnivals gone bad = every kids nightmare
    fang club - vampire club, very blade like
    zombie hunt - laser tag with zombies. i found the house to be avg but applaud them on use of new tech with everyone using a laser gun and having still + moving targets

    overall, if you're over 10 years old, for only this event i would highly recommend ocean parks offering over disneys, especially this year with in my opinion a pretty weak disney offering, especially if you've been in years past as they offer relatively little new.

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    Re: Ocean Park Halloween vs HKDL Halloween

    Thanks for making the comparrison's. HKDL event always looks good to me. But I guess it could get a little repetitive seeing the same stuff each year. With the 5th Anniversary being celebrated all next year. Maybe the park will go all out and offer something special for next year Halloween perhaps.

    Despite the repeats I still think for my own taste that HKDL would be a winner. Since lying in a coffin and being moved along by a conveyor built doesn't really appeaal much to me. Although I'm intrigued by the terror park concept. Thanks for sharing.
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