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Thread: Duffy at HKDL

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    Duffy at HKDL

    Duffy at HKDL

    Photo by I.W.

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    Re: Duffy at HKDL

    AAAAWWWWW! Duffydad will like that one.

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    Re: Duffy at HKDL

    I think I just died of cute overload.

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    Re: Duffy at HKDL

    Am I the only one that does not get how something as bland as that bear can make it this "big"?
    The world according me:

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    Re: Duffy at HKDL

    Certainly you're not the only one, but you've been to Tokyo... I don't know how you could stay immune to Duffy's charms after seeing how huge and sincere the love for him is here - how he works. I really am surprised.

    That said, while the above photo is very cute, that shiny fur and those "frog finger" hands...along with the "sags like someone in a cheap mascot costume" look of this new version is not what made him famous in Tokyo. He used to look quite different...better.

    Is that a visible seam at the wrist?!

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