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    Re: Hong Kong Disneyland fantasyland Expansion

    Quote Originally Posted by Witches of Morva View Post
    ORDDU: There seem to be a lot of contradictions regarding what the Chinese guests want. I recall reading several articles before HKDL opened, where it was claimed that they did NOT like thrill rides there so much and that was, supposedly, why they only had Space Mountain for a thrill ride for opening.

    ORWEN: And I thought the fact that Winnie the Pooh's attraction was so popular was because they actually DO like dark rides over there.

    ORGOCH: I think it all boils down ta who yer talkin' ta at the time. One person thinks one thing an' another person thinks somethin' dif'rent. One thing they all agree with, though, is that Ping Pong Dizzyland needs more rides PERIOD! At this point they'd be happy ta git just 'bout anything ta flesh out that skinny place!
    Agree! Instead of lack of thrill ride, the main problem should be not enough rides that satisfy all kinds of guests. I believe that if HKDL was full of thrill rides but lack of dark ride and live entertainment, we would heard complain like "lack of Disney atmosphere".

    P.S. I don't like local's claim of "lack of thrill ride". As even for Ocean Park, their favorite is the animals instead of thrill ride.

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    Re: Hong Kong Disneyland fantasyland Expansion

    I believe there will be a Frontierland expansion first before any other expansion after the three minilands open up. I've heard bout this Frontierland wate-based ride which may eventually be built in DL Anaheim's Frontierland. Do you think a water-based ride would fit perfectly in Grizzly Gulch, a Frontierland specialized in a water theme, next to Grizzly Peak? I think whatever may be built there may be a part of an expansion here.

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